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As career opportunities flower in newer sectors, a student needs to look at the skill sets and the changing market dynamics to do well. For areas such as management, experience and expertise are necessary for success. Logistics is a field experiencing a phenomenal growth over the past few years. For this reason, students need to look at it as an important career option with a lot to often.

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The first question to cross your mind when thinking about logistics will be what it is all about. In simple terms, logistics is nothing but a strategy, a plan and operations associated with the movement of raw materials, products and goods from where it is available to where it needs to be delivered. Therefore, it is a function associated with the overall supply chain to meet all kinds of human requirements, be it for production or delivery of finished goods. So, all related processes will be included. Logistics comprises the planning and operations management involved in such movement and transportation and warehousing, including inventory control. Transportation can by ships, trucks, trains, planes and pipelines. Logistics involves a number of processes, each important to a logistics or supply chain manager. Logistics management can take place in a number of ways. If a company does not have time to invest in setting up these resources, consulting companies or logistics solution providers will help. Efficient logistics offers a competitive edge to companies. The demand for logistics has been on the rise because of the increasing customer demand for products and increase in competition among companies. People have become more comfortable with E-commerce, and online purchases are becoming commonplace. This is another emerging area in logistics. The demand for reliable logistics providers is ever increasing. Being a service industry, logistics has a rising manpower requirement.

At present, trained and skilled professionals are in short supply. Therefore, those students who decide to take up logistics will be in a position to reap a number of benefits since they will be ready to join the workforce without additional training. For this reason, they can be assured of well-paid jobs in what is considered a hot industry globally. It will be a good idea to take up a specialised course in the area. The course content should introduce students to areas such as shipping, materials management, warehousing, ocean and air-freight forwarding, shipping laws, marine insurance, road freight, rail freight, chartering, airport and seaport operations, international shipping, supply chain management and logistics. Specialised education enhances the quality of shipping and other allied industries. Take up degree or postgraduate courses and look for institutes that train both corporates and freshers.


A degree or an MBA taken under expert trainers will help land good jobs in the field. Research and development will be beneficial for everyone, right from logisticians to customers. Rather than educational qualifications, companies look at the attitude, skills, capability to deliver results and job knowledge of candidates. For this, training under an expert is desirable. So, while selecting the institute, take the opinion of alumni and the experience of logistics trainers.

Scope Logistics and supply chain management has good scope in India because the nation is home to one of the biggest consumer markets with a growing population. Economic growth and rise in the purchasing power of Indians have led to a steady increase in the demand for logistics. e-Commerce has added to the demand.

Globally, the demand for logistics services has been on the rise. U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show that till 2018, the demand for logistics will grow at 11 per cent a year The annual salary of managers will be $41,000 to $59,000. The Chinese market is growing and is now the forerunner when it comes to managing the global market. The great demand for logistics solution specialists will work in favor of students. At the moment, the industry is in need of executives, good managers and strategists. They may find career opportunities in different countries. Hence students should consider logistics and supply chain management as good career options. Skilled professionals in these areas are in big demand worldwide. Once the students have thorough knowledge in this field, they will be in a position to get employed with companies of their choice in India and abroad.

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