Delivering The World To You

As career opportunities flower in newer sectors, a student needs to look at the skill sets and the changing market dynamics to do well. For areas such as management, experience and expertise are necessary for success. Logistics is a field experiencing a phenomenal growth over the past few years. For this reason, students need to look at it as an important career option with a lot to often.

Scope of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management/SCM or Logistics is a very Important and crucial part of any small, medium or Big businesses related to goods. We can consider the Supply chain management as a whole network which creates a bridge between the producer and the customers. Supply Chain Management is the rib of any business, So it’s very responsible career opportunity for youngsters.

Why SCM Hub for Logistics?

An aspiring career in Logistics industry must have a thorough practical knowledge of the activities involved in each department of shipping and freight forwarding companies. This kind of training can be had only under an expert hand from the industry. Logistics management courses in India are offered in the form of certification, diploma, and degree.

Opportunities in Logistics

Global logistics industry is valued at $3.5 trillion and is expected to touch $4 trillion in next two years. Opportunities would be more for those who learn ocean freight forwarding as 92 percent of the world trade is though the high seas. Logistics is and will be one of the major job engines worldwide.

Why Logistics Is a Hot Career?

Logistics and supply chain management have a great scope because of the growing integration and complexity of supply and distribution systems worldwide.

Take a close look at our personal belongings. Pens and mobile phones from China, T-shirts and sneakers from the U.S., tea from Sri Lanka. The fabric of the modern world is woven from goods that have been flown, shipped or trucked from places that are thousands of miles away.