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MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Join the success league. Become much ahead of others in practical knowledge by joining SCM Hub.
Ready yourself early for the highly competitive job market and become true leaders in the paths you follow.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the most comprehensive curriculum prepared and validated by experts in the industry. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, designed and developed by a team of Core Industry Professionals serves as your ultimate stepping stone for an exciting Logistics career. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is ideal for current and future managers. Our course will equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to get employed quickly and to advance your career faster in the corporate ladder. Upon successful completion of MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from SCM Hub, students will have complete practical knowledge covering the entire spectrum of logistics activities.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course will help you to excel in all departments including Documentation, Shipment Planning, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, EX-IM, Logistics, SCM, Ocean cargo, Air Cargo logistics, Marine Insurance, Warehousing and Shipping Legislations. Succesfull completion of SCM Hub MBA will help you to get employment worldwide in the shipping lines, seaport offices, airlines, airports, gsa's, warehouses, stores, purchase, export, freight forwarding, international logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing and trading companies.

In short-if you are aiming at an International career in Logistics, MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management education at SCM Hub is the best way to win your passport for an entry to a faster career growth worldwide


Why should you learn SCM Hub MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management?

Apart from regular curriculum, we offer more of practical knowledge in international freight logistics to make our students industry ready, which makes SCM Hub MBA the most attractive and the best available.

In a normal MBA, you will either have 3 month's internship or project work. Whereas, students of SCM Hub MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management will have 1 year hardcore freight forwarding sales experience. This give them a head start for better employability worldwide and helps them to move up the corporate ladder in a short period of time.


What you get in two years from SCM Hub

Specializations and Features MBA @ SCM Hub MBA offered by others
University Syllabus Yes Yes
Practical experience in international logistics* 3 months-1 year experience* 3 month internship
Personality Development Yes -
CV preparation Yes -
International Business* Yes -
Export & Import* Yes -
Export Trade Documentation* Yes -
Ocean Cargo Logistics* Yes -
Air cargo Logistics* Yes -
Legal Claims Handling* Yes -
Shipping* Yes -
Interview Training Yes -
Success training Yes -
Communicative English Yes -
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