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SCM Hub is the leading educational services provider in the International Trade, Logistics & Freight Forwarding Arena. We have more than 2 decades of international Trade and Logistics experience with World's largest logistics companies. We provide the best in class and most modern state-of-the-art training facilities and a globally focused curriculum. Our faculty and management are acclaimed industry experts from International Trade, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Freight Forwarding & related industry. Our team guides, educates and moulds students and experienced staff into having the career of their dreams, in a limited amount of time. Our experienced staff enables them to take on the challenges of a rapidly evolving global international logistics industry.

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At SCM Hub, the experts from international Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Freight Forwarding industry design the respective course curriculum and practical training based on industry requirements.

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  • Vipin Das, MBA

    With the passage of time, everyone thinks about a secured future. In this competitive world I strongly believed that logistics is a right career for youngsters. My two-year experience at SCM Hub has taught me the importance and relevance of logistics. I learned the lessons of success from here:

  • Vinith, MBA

    Why "SCM HUB"? Well first and foremost reason why to recommend SCM HUB is the dedication of our institution towards their each and every student whether it is from the teaching faculties or let it be from their office staff. All are very much supportive and motivating. And I am sure everyone who has experienced SCM Hub here will agree to my points.

  • Fajilu, MBA

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  • Gopika, MBA

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  • Shafi, MBATitle Place anything

    My name is Mohamed Shafi from Malappuram. It's been a pleasure studying at SCM HUB and spending productive time with faculty at SCM HUB. Our institution has offered me an excellent opportunity to develop my intellectual and creative skills.My two year experience in SCM HUB was amazing. It has helped to develop my confidence and change my attitude. It is worth to mention especially about our mentor Mr. Naushaadh Sir.

  • Suvin, MBA

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  • Umesh, MBA

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  • Madan Pillai General Manager, Seahorse Ship Agencies.

    "It is with great pleasure and pride, we recommend SCM Hub as centre of Excellence in Logistics. They have created a niche for themselves in training students and professionals and converting them into hardcore logistics professionals.

    We have employed some of the SCM Hub students in our organization and we found them to be highly knowledgeable about the industry and very skilled in their work. They can adapt themselves to any job profile and can quickly take on responsibilities. SCM Hub has definitely made an impact in terms of quality, sincerity and honesty of their students in the market. We vouch for them to be employed and if there are students or professionals out there looking for genuine logistics training, then its SCM Hub".

    Mr. Gireendra Babu, Managing Director, JN Freight forwarders Pvt. Ltd, India. (JN Freight forwarder is the award winner from Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry for handling highest number of shipments in the region).

    We write to record our appreciation of the quality of the personnel SCM Hub have made available to us for suitable appointment in our organisation.

    We have found them to be well aware of the relevant, basic aspects of shipping in connection with our core business activity, thanks to their having successfully completed SCM Hub courses. This has provided them with an ideal launching platform from which to gather on job work experience and has served the purpose of enabling them to settle into their work profiles that much faster.

    The gentlemen provided by you have also turned out to be polite and courteous in their manner and dealing and it is evident that you have taken the pains to suitably train and screen those whom you recommend, which reflects well on your emphasis on quality.

    At this juncture when Shipping companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source suitable personnel, the role played by SCM Hub has gone a long way towards providing a solution to one of the pressing issues facing the shipping industry.

    We wish SCM Hub all success in your future endeavors.

  • Fagilu Rahman (Past MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management student)Now employed in Freight Links, Qatar

    Trust me when i say SCM Hub can compete with the top B schools in the country. Choosing SCM Hub was the wisest decision i've made till now. They're one among the very few Institutes which look for quality and not money. I wish if i had spend more time with them i would've become even better. Hats off to this wonderful institute.

  • Mr. Ahmed NashidSr. Manager, Procurement Department, STO

    "Almost 17 years of work experience in the industry, but after taking International Ocean Freight Logistics Professional course at SCM Hub Cochin, I have realized that learning is an ongoing process.Mr. Naushaadh has given me a new thought process in the field of trade and logistics and a new understanding of the working of the industry that I knew so well.

    I am indebted to Mr Naushaadh who has helped me grow in my profession and I take this opportunity to thank the management and staff for the valuable knowledge and assistance they have bestowed on me during my stay here. I give assurance to this organization to promote and recommend this course and this institute to the interested parties wherever I go"

  • Mr. Mohamed RazulManager, Business Development, Kuehne Nagel, U.A.E.

    "Naushaadh Sir is the knowledgeable and competent trainer I have experienced. His training on logistics and personality development delivers a excellent result and the training offers an impressive and comprehensive blend of theory and practice especially in Sea and Air Freight Operations, Rate Calculations, Shipment Routings, Container Planning, Warehousing, NVOCC Operations, Commercial Geography and we discussed about general topics and latest happening in industry. Apart from this he provided excellent training for personality development which helped me a lot in interviews and meetings, which covers interview tips like resume preparations, eye contacts, way of dressing, way of presentation, even he taught us how to smile on interviews.

    Thanks for the excellent training. It was the best professional training I have ever had and probably the best educational experience I have ever had. I recommend this training course to any professional who wants to achieve their logistics career goals in future."

  • Mr. Shiva Kumar MenonBhaker Hajji Abdulatiff Fazul LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

    "Its been 6 years working in this industry and I have completely realized that SCM Hub is really great place to Acquire and Shape your knowledge and skills, personally and professionally. My career has seen only progress and I greatly thank Mr. Naushaadh for providing such a great piece of knowledge and work attitude in me. Frankly I am running out of words to describe his commitment. In short, SCM Hub is AWESOME and in future I would love to continue with them in shaping up my Career further in Logistics"

  • Aminath Afsana NajeebSenior Officer, Logistics.

    "It was very important &helpful program. I got many useful information that I didn't know before. Thank you so much".

  • Rafeea AfeefWarehouse Manager.

    "The training session was really interesting and this will help us to manage our work effectively and efficiently"

  • Aishath Shafeenaz AdnanLogistics Warehouse Manager

    "This workshop will help us to improve our day to day operations, and the knowledge gained will definitely benefit the company in future. Gained a lot of knowledge on cargo operations, claims handling and the involving parties."

  • Ibrahim NajoahSales &Marketing

    "Session was very useful and productive as it has taught us a lot about international trade and the operational procedures. Also, this has helped us to calculate the risk of export-import trade and the importance of proper sale contract. The terms and conditions we have learned will help us in communication with suppliers and the decisions we make when placing an order"

  • Ramzee AboobakuruAsst Manager, Sales &Marketing.

    "Everything was explained in detail. Learned a lot. Very helpful"

  • Abdul Majeed MohamedAsst. Manager, Logistics.

    "The program was very helpful to me. Some of the terms explained were completely new to me. Now, I am very much aware of these terms used on the job. The lecture was so good"

  • Hamdhoon SaeedAsst Manager, Logistics Delivery.

    "The training was very helpful in learning a lot. Now, we could understand that our knowledge level earlier was so little"

  • Ibrahim MirzaqAsst Manager, Procurement.

    "Perfect delivery of information. Explanation was in detail. Slides were well prepared. Testing and knowledge was perfect. Overall a great training experience"

  • Shifna MohamedSenior Officer, Finance.

    "This training is very good for all those who are working in logistics and it will definitely help them"

  • Ismail Ali JalylSenior Manager, Logistics.

    "Training has been very useful and this will help in our day to day work. Presentation was very easy to understand"

  • Mariyam ShareefaManager, Finance.

    "This training program will assist to understand in depth everything in international trade and the knowledge gained will help us to apply when we enter into contract with a supplier."

  • Mohamed EymanManager, Logistics

    "The training has been very useful in understanding the international business"

  • Mohamed Hassaan NaseemSenior Officer, Procurement.

    "The training program has helped us immensely on understanding our day to day job. This is a must attend program for anyone who is into international trading".